Tuesday, 08 December 2015 12:08

Christmas Party Survival Guide

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We are now in full swing of the Christmas party season. Who can forget the Christmas party scenes from Bridget Jones’s Diary; Bridget’s off key karaoke sessions, Daniel Cleaver harassing his female colleagues, Mark Darcy’s infamous reindeer jumper and of…
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 12:31

Do you really need a health & safety policy?

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Did you know…..when you have more than five employees, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, you are required to have a formal health and safety policy? Does this apply to your business? What is the policy?The policy…
The Case: Mr R was employed by the Department of Transport and spent a lot of time out on the road. He had a company credit card to pay for hire cars and company related expenses. He was not allowed…
Wednesday, 14 October 2015 10:46


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It's a real bug bearer of mine when I receive and poorly written application. It might be by email or letter but either way, all job applications are formal communications. So please don't send in an application like this.... As…
Wednesday, 14 October 2015 10:26

Our first HR blog post

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Welcome to our first ever HR blog post. We'll try to keep our blogs short and informative. If you have a burning issue that you would like some advice on, why not email us and we'll post a blog about…
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